Americans, CNN Says, Must Accept Declining Standard of Living

Under the pretense of being environmentally friendly, the left has been actively working to undermine the standard of living enjoyed by the vast majority of Americans.

Liberal scolding isn't about protecting the environment; it's just another tool the globalist left uses to exert more power over people's lifestyle decisions. Eco-fascists are making a huge effort to get people in the United States to give up all of their luxuries at once so they can preserve the earth.

The news network CNN has taken the lead in calling on people to forego using air conditioning during the current hot wave. Even when record-breaking heat is sweeping through major U.S. cities, globalist leftists insist that now is the time to turn off air conditioning.

CNN ran an article by Berlin-based renewable energy expert Paul Hockenos under the title "A very European answer to air conditioning."

The author laments the fact that his Berlin apartment is only equipped with a fan, stating, Europeans had, until recently, done their own grumbling about Americans' infatuation with AC: so highly inefficient in its high energy usage, unsafe with the frosty temperatures in the middle of summer, and irritating given the unceasing buzz of the window units!

Hockenos labels air conditioning as "yet another luxury item" Americans use to ruin the environment in his CNN editorial, but any person with a functioning brain can see right through this and grasp his true objective.

Members of the political left want you to be miserable. No matter how weak their arguments are, they nonetheless want you to surrender to their will. If you want globalists to be happy, they want you to feel hot, sweaty, and unpleasant in your own home. This is because, in the end, what matters is not your personal happiness, but the idea that humanity as a whole should endure for their progressive objective.

In fact, the left's progressive ideology urges people to sacrifice all for the common good, which is ultimately just more tyranny, and thus disregards the demands of the individual.

The past attempts to vaccinate the entire world's population were also futile, as we have all seen. Liberals have attacked everyone who has refused the vaccine since then, claiming that those who refuse are criminals.

The push for greater "green" energy regulations around the world, and especially Biden's devastation of U.S. oil output, have provided the perfect backdrop for a campaign to portray Americans as inherently self-centered.

While the anti-AC sentiment in Europe is slowly fading, more than 90% of American homes already have air conditioning. Hockenos claims that the environmental impact of having two-thirds of the world's households have an air conditioner by 2050 is substantial.

You have to remember that these are the same people that are advocating for the broad adoption of electric automobiles.

The author, however, argues that as global temperatures rise, people everywhere will be locked in the vicious circle of air conditioning, and he even criticizes freezers.

Right from the bat, let's be clear that these folks aren't only requesting our submission; they're actively demanding it. The left will actively seek us out and mock us until we have the courage to retaliate against their lecturing.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American Examiner News.

Written by Staff Reports

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