An Uproar Is Caused By Trump’s “Get Well Soon” Message To Joe Biden

Joe Biden once again tested positive, in case you weren't aware. However, not everyone agrees that the president's cognitive impairment has been correctly diagnosed, as it is increasingly clear that Joe Biden is experiencing something much, much worse.

Following his first COVID battle last week, Biden threw a playful dig at his predecessor, President Donald Trump, while celebrating in the White House Rose Garden. Trump was suffering from symptoms related to the China Virus, according to the senile President, who stated that Trump "needed to be airlifted" to the hospital.

Biden, good idea. Trump recovered quickly despite not having received a vaccination at the time. On the other hand, you have had at least four vaccinations and are still unable to get over it. Perhaps Biden's illness is karma, or perhaps the White House doctor is hiding the truth about his condition.

In a written statement published on his Truth Social account, former President questioned Biden's diagnosis and asserted that dementia is a more likely illness afflicting the cognitively impaired President.

In an effort to maintain his reputation as the "funniest President ever to get elected," Trump broke the internet by sending the ill President a "get well soon" message.

On Truth Social, the former president made hilarious fun of his successor for re-diagnosing the China Virus. Trump joked that Biden was "thinking of moving, part-time, to one of those beautiful Wisconsin Nursing Homes" in the opening of the statement before reiterating his complaints about the 2020 election and the dubious voting procedures in nursing homes.

"Get well soon!" Trump enunciated.


Then, Trump vented his resentment at Wisconsin authorities, whom he considers to be too disloyal for failing to aid him in his endeavors to overcome his election defeat.

On Saturday, Biden tested positive once more, experiencing what medical professionals refer to as a Paxlovid rebound.

Last Wednesday, when Biden came out of isolation, he was still taking the Pfizer antiviral medication Paxlovid. In his announcement on Saturday, White House physician Kevin O'Connor stated that Biden had raised his testing frequency due to the possibility of a return infection.

Biden's re-diagnosis was the sole reason for the creation of the concept of a "rebound infection," as most COVID patients recover completely within a few days. Due to his advanced age and mental deterioration, Biden, 79, is viewed as high risk.

Joe, get well soon. Anyone would feel ill at the mere mention of President Kamala Harris!

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Continental Daily.

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