Biden Is Invited To Visit American Oil And Gas Sites Before Jetting Off To Saudi Arabia

More than two dozen American energy groups invited President Joe Biden to see their oil and gas installations Thursday ahead of his travel to Saudi Arabia next month.

The 26 energy groups, including the American Petroleum Institute and the American Exploration and Production Council, asked Biden to visit "the center" of shale oil and natural gas extraction in Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania, before meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in July. Groups encouraged the president to reevaluate his policies on "made-in-America energy"

The groups said America is the world's greatest producer of oil and natural gas and urged Biden to exert new global energy leadership and embrace American energy solutions to benefit American people, the economy, and national security.

“American energy has created millions of good-paying U.S. jobs, worked to shrink our environmental footprint, boosted economic growth, funded conservation in nearly every U.S. county, and transformed entire states,” the groups continued.

The energy groups highlight their "state-of-the-art" refineries that work at "94% of capacity" and the Colonial Pipeline that carries millions of gallons of fuel from Gulf Coast refineries through the South and up the East Coast daily. The groups expect Biden will tour their refineries, pipelines, and offshore drilling sites to see American energy's potential to satisfy fuel crisis requirements.

The open letter follows the president's demand that oil firms raise production and a suggestion that the Biden administration may limit offshore drilling to further his climate agenda.

“A visit would provide an opportunity for the President to educate himself about America’s number one energy source and the measures the industry has taken to protect the environment,” Jeffrey Eshelman, Chief Operating Officer of the Independent Petroleum Association of America, one of the 26 groups that signed the letter, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Administration policies do not recognize that renewable and traditional sources can coexist,” Eshelman continued.

The White House didn't react promptly to TheDCNF's request.

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