Biden SNAPS At Reporter “They want me to run.” Polls Show Otherwise

According to a study done by the New York Times and Siena College and published this week, while 92 percent of Democratic voters would vote for him in 2024, they would like someone other than Biden to run for president. Only 26 percent of Democratic voters wanted Biden to run again.

At the end of a White House garden party, a reporter approached President Biden and said, “What is your message to Democrats who don’t want you to run again?”

“They want me to run,” Biden became upset, prompting the reporter to respond, “Two-thirds say they don’t.”

“Read the polls. Read the polls, Jack!” President Joe Biden yelled something. “You guys are all the same.”

According to the reporter, “a majority of Democrats say they don’t want you to run in 2024.”

“92 percent said I did. They’d vote for me,” Biden retorted.

According to a poll done by The New York Times, only 13% of respondents thought the United States was on the right track. This is the lowest rate since the financial crisis of 2008. Young Democrats were nearly unified in their belief that Joe Biden should not run for president in 2024; 94 percent of Democrats under the age of 30 chose another candidate over Biden.

Only 28% of respondents in a poll conducted by Politico and the Morning Consult and released on Tuesday think Joe Biden should run for president in 2024. It was discovered that 64 percent of those who took part in the poll did not want Biden to run for reelection. Furthermore, the survey found that only 24% of all women wanted him to run again, and only 11% wanted him to run “definitely.”

In contrast, the study found that 64% of Americans thought he should not run for government again: 46 percent of Americans believe Biden should “absolutely not” run again, while 18 percent believe he should “probably not.”

According to the findings of a poll done by the Associated Press and the NORC and made public on June 29, 85 percent of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. Given that Biden’s approval rating has remained at its present low of 39 percent, 78 percent of Democrats agreed. According to the same survey, only 28% of respondents approved of how Biden was handling the economy, a dramatic decline from the 51% who approved of his job performance exactly one year earlier.

In the same survey,  the national economy was described as dismal by 67 percent of Democrats, up from 37 percent the previous year.

Written by Staff Reports

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