Biden’s Oil Strategy DOOMED To Fail


Biden and his government could be wiped out by rising gas and oil prices and inflation. Over a million Americans have doubts about his leadership.

Biden lays the blame at the feet of others. Vladimir Putin has repeatedly been blamed by Biden and his colleagues for the invasion of Ukraine.

In his speech, Biden said he had a solution. The more he tries, the more money he spends.

He intends to approach Arab oil tycoons and ask for more output.

In the Arab world, there is no unity. Smiling broadly, Saudi Arabia responded with a flat "No."

Even after all these years, Biden is still relevant. There is no end in sight to the foolishness that has been perpetrated. According to the Daily Mail, he intends to go after the leader of the United Arab Emirates.

Problem. Macron said the United Arab Emirates would not help Biden.

Summit of the G7 currently taking place. Biden meets foreign leaders.

Newsweek says that on Monday, Biden was told to beg the UAE to lower gas prices and give the US more oil. Macron heard advice that could change the game.

Please excuse the break. MbZ rang. He mentioned two things. I'm full… saying

Second, Saudi Arabia can increase production by 150 kbd or more, but not for at least six months.

Neither Arab nation can help the US with oil. They won't help or can't.

Jake Sullivan, who works for Biden and is in charge of national security, told Macron to avoid cameras.

The Energy Minister of the UAE later agreed with this. According to Newsweek, he said that the UAE will produce close to our maximum capacity until their current agreement ends.

Production in the US can't go up.

People on social media noticed Biden's pleading tone when he talked about drilling bans in the ocean. We know that he has put off new drilling on land and stopped an oil lease sale in Alaska.

How could we forget that he turned down one of the largest oil pipelines in the US on his first day in office?

Twitter: "Insane." Before Saudi Arabia and the UAE ran out of resources.

Biden disagrees. Instead, he will keep the one promise he has made, which is to get rid of fossil fuels.

Americans can't work, eat, or help our economy, which is in bad shape.

It's up to Biden…

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