BREAKING: Clinton Operatives Worked w/ DOJ on FBI Raid

As reported by Headline USA: Paul Sperry, an investigative writer, made the discovery that Hillary Clinton staffers were involved behind the curtains in the FBI’s raid on President Trump’s resort at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, which was conducted with the assistance of the military.

Sperry, who’s already done outstanding work on the Clinton emails and the Russia hoax, claimed in a post on Gettr that Clinton representatives have been collaborating with both the Justice Department and the National Archives in order to redeem Hillary’s loss in 2016.

Sperry writes that sources believe Hillary Clinton strategists have been quietly working with Archives officials and Justice Department officials for several months, and that they are driving the push for the probe of Trump as ‘revenge’ for Clinton being pursued for mishandling sensitive documents in her Emailgate affair.

He continued, saying “Since January, the Clinton machine has been working to make this happen.”

In a different post, Sperry posited that veteran deep-stater David Laufman, who was the former Head of DOJ Counterintelligence Section and was responsible for ending the FBI’s investigation into Hillary’s emails, may have played a role in this most recent investigation of Donald Trump. Sperry made this claim in reference to Laufman’s role in killing the FBI’s investigation into the Clinton emails.

Sperry went on to say that David Laufman, the recurring supervillain of Russiagate, is making headlines in MSM defending the invasion his former office conducted and sensationalizing the ‘evidence’ his former office found.  Laufman is the master of fake false premises to justify investigating Trump… and could have been a mastermind behind this investigation.

Laufman has been arguing with anybody who would listen that the purported preservation of White House records by Trump is the most serious offense in the annals of human existence.

Laufman continued by stating that the claimed finding of such papers “completely validates the investigation” that has been conducted by the government.

Laufman later made an appearance on NPR Monday morning, during which he spread another another frightening deep-state word salad across the atmosphere.

Written by Staff Reports

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