Dying Laughing at Kamala’s Latest Embarrassment


Kamala Harris should employ based on merit, not diversity. Do Brown and Yale radicals no longer learn to spell?

The always-giggling Vice President reportedly raged at her staff for failing to spellcheck the stage backdrop.

Harris walked on stage with her characteristic smile at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana on Friday.

The internet mocked Kamala after the ceremony for having a misspelled backdrop.

Kamala's team misspelled Louisiana as "Lousiana," how many locals pronounce it.

Someone on Kamala's staff will pay for the significant spelling error. The VP is known to yell at her workers, which may explain why so many have quit.

Someone with Kamala should have spotted and corrected the error. Now Kamala is online's laughingstock.

Kamala Harris has had horrible optics since the beginning. She was unpopular during her 2020 Democrat Party nomination race, and America hasn't warmed to her since.

Mass resignations in a fractious workplace have also hurt Kamala's reputation.

Kamala's 'Lousiana' gaffe is just one of many errors.


In October, the Vice President was criticized for appearing in a space exploration video with youngsters. Harris originally denied the children were child actors.

Harris agreed with a left-wing student who accused Israel of "ethnic cleansing" in September.

She angered Americans in June with a Lester Holt interview.

Kamala didn't move on border security despite being designated by Biden to reduce illegal immigration. Holt questioned Kamala about the US-Mexico border.

She chuckled and said, "I've never been to Europe." I don't follow."

In New Orleans, Harris ignored her critics.

Kamala was dubbed "Queen of Word Salads" in March for spewing leftist gibberish at a news conference.

Now we know why many pushed Biden not to pick Kamala as VP. She's neither smart nor talented. She's a pawn utilized by powerful individuals to fulfill globalists' bidding.

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