Globalist Prince Harry Deigns to Educate Americans On Their Rights Under The US Constitution

The decision that was made in the United States about abortion in the case of Roe v. Wade was referred to as a "global assault on democracy and freedom" by the Duke of Sussex.

Global? I am sorry, Prince, but we do not yet represent the entire world. At the United Nations, he insulted us.

During his keynote lecture on International Nelson Mandela Day at the United Nations headquarters, Prince Harry voiced his disagreement with the judgment made by the United States Supreme Court.

It is only appropriate that the idiotic bride of Prince Harry join him when he leaves. We have in the past been able to kick out the royal family, and we are able to do it again.

When did a spoiled, cosmopolitan brat become an authority on the Constitution of the United States? Harry, the right to kill unborn infants is not protected by the Constitution, but the Second Amendment certainly is.

There is no question that Meghan Markle is offering him direction. They shouldn't all have titles of their own. It's possible that their titles may be abolished along with Queen Elizabeth's. Harry is undermining the institution of the monarchy. It is not appropriate for him to intervene in the affairs of other nations. These two are known for their nefarious behavior.

The "memories and legacy" of Mandela were also shared by Prince Harry. Professor Jonathan Turley said, “Because nothing speaks to a lifetime of struggle for equality than an estranged Royal living in exile on an $18 million estate.”

In addition, Harry brought up the conflict in Ukraine as well as the issue of climate change. He is convinced that he is an expert in each and every field.

Go away, Harry:

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