Is Now the Time to Get Up and Face the Enemy?


During the 1940s, your grandparents or parents may have been subjected to oppression or fought against it. What concrete lessons have we taken away from that experience?

In March of 2020, my dear buddy and comedian Terry McNeely was going to drive me all the way from Michigan to Long Island. The shutdown of the country was caused by a virus that would kill more than 99 percent of the population of the United States. We were collecting toilet paper from the various hotels and rest stops along the way. My misunderstanding of the circumstances prompted me to refer to communism as a "dress rehearsal," which is exactly what it was. It was really time for the performance!

I'm not sure whether what we're seeing now is communism or not. If you read about Germany's history between 1933 and 1939, you'll notice that the Nazi party was able to exert unprecedented influence over the country's populace in a short amount of time. Everything got started with the staged fire that was set at the Reichstag, which was their capital. It was demolished by Nazis, who laid the blame on a communist. They were given the "right" to write laws that would ensure the safety and security of the country, which was conferred to them.

The fire that occurred at the Reichstag on COVID-19 is also known as the Hong Kong Fluey or anything else you choose to name it. It has been used by Democrats as a tool to confine us in jail and strip us of our liberties. They fired us from our jobs and evicted us from our houses against our will. They made some money available to us in order to make us reliant on them. They utilized COVID to coerce us into consuming a "vaccine" that they said would be effective. Employees, including first responders, who placed their lives in danger during the spread of the Bat-stew Flu were terminated if their sleeves did not raise and they did not bend over. They utilized COVID as an excuse to coerce us into wearing masks that served no use and have us stand on stickers while we went grocery shopping. This concept was founded on knowledge that has since become obsolete. This whole thing was carried out in the name of ensuring the "safety and security of the nation."

The Democrats were interested in determining how much control they could exert on us as well as what kinds of things they could get away with. It is astonishing, terrifying, and even humiliating all at the same time. We behaved like lambs and followed after them. This action was taken in order to ensure the "safety and security of the country."

Grouchy Joe once said that he would not need people to get immunizations and demanded that we wear masks for one hundred days.

Do you recall when he said that the vaccination would put an immediate halt to the spread of COVID? They said that Trump was involved in a conspiracy with Russia. The Russians faked Hunter's laptop to seem to include proof that Joe had sold his influence to insane stacks as well as pornographic images of drugs. How many times can we be misled before we lose patience?

By establishing his "ministry for truth" this week, Joe Biden has taken his communist and Nazi rhetoric to a new level. This peculiar occurrence had place immediately after Elon Musk, a billionaire who strongly supports free expression, purchased Twitter. It seems that Comrade Joe and his regime are in a state of panic. They try to impose their will on the truth. They won't allow any of us to tell the truth and threatens to silence anybody who does. We do not yet know the precise meaning of the word "stop," but we do know that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is behind the new censorship panel that has a Nazi-like bent and that its members are armed to the teeth.

Nina Jankowicz has been recommended by Biden to take the helm of the "ministry for truth." She has a habit of lying about things in public. In addition to that, I find her to be even crazier than squirrel droppings.

The comparison of politicians to Nazis may be an insult, but it is also accurate. Hitler used paramilitary thugs known as SA or brownshirts to incite riots whenever and wherever he saw fit using his SA. They encountered quite few roadblocks from the authorities. Both Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement are serving Democrats by doing the same thing. There are many more parallels to be found.

Because I think it's either now or never, here is the table that I made to compare the similarities between Nazis, Communists, and Democrats. The three most prominent political parties are as follows:

  • Citizens who are not armed
  • Truth ministries that are hostile to free speech
  • Political opponents are now being detained (J6 protestors are still in jail).
  • Street thugs are known for their aggressive behavior.
  • You are the one in charge of deciding what life lessons your children will absorb.
  • Command and control of the media (Twitter resigned from the NY Post after breaking the Hunter laptop story).
  • Gestapo/KGB/FBI

I could elaborate more, but I think you get the point. P.S. True Republicans, as opposed to RINOs, are opposed to all of these issues.

Why did fascist groups like Nazism and communism end up being so successful? The voices of decent people were not stifled. Even though they and their children were being led to gas chambers, they chose to put up with the oppression that was being imposed on them.

The Second Amendment, much like those magazines holding 30 rounds, was not intended to be used for hunting.

The Founding Fathers were aware of the potential for man to rise to the position of dictator and designed the Constitution with this in mind. The Democrats have evolved into a dictatorial party. They want to do away with the First Amendment and make the Second Amendment more lenient. They want to have power over what you think and what you say. They want complete supremacy just like they did in the beginning of 2020, despite the fact that 66 percent of COVID patients had been locked down by May of that year.

If you have ever wondered what you would do if you were living in Nazi Germany, you now have the opportunity to find out. Raise your volume and refuse to be overpowered. Invest in ammunition. We are going to have to fight just as hard as they do. Taking the "high road" is not an option in this situation.

If you do not vote them out of office in November, you will be participating in the election of the tyrants running for office. Because it is physically impossible for guys to get pregnant, you do not need to be concerned about your progressive sister-in-law and her soy boi toy accusing you of being a bigot. Create a stir on social media, and don't be embarrassed to wear your Make America Great Again (MAGA) cap. They are afraid of us.

The year is 1933, but this time it is taking place in the United States of America. No other nation is capable of delivering us from the tyranny that our forebears inflicted upon Europe and Asia. This is entirely up to us. Let's roll.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Real News Real Patriots.

Written by Staff Reports

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