Joe Biden Is Making Life Hard for Middle-Class People

The U.S. economy will approach its breaking point after the Senate passed the "Inflation Reduction Act," and the middle class will be struck hardest. While the wealthiest live well, the middle class struggles to keep up.

Millions of middle-class American families are expected to grow used to having less, lower their expectations, and ignore economic challenges.

Biden isn't for middle-class Americans. He'd rather punish us. He treats middle-class families with the same scorn he showed a union member in Michigan concerning the Second Amendment before the 2020 election. Biden's emotional reaction to the worker foreshadowed what we see now. True Joe Biden.

As Americans returned to work after covid lockdowns, gas prices soared. Lack of workers, inefficiency at our ports, and inability to get crucial parts make it hard to fill stores across the country.

Biden's misguided economic policies have forced families to struggle. Inflation has generated enormous price hikes of fundamental consumer products, straining household finances. Over 87% of consumers are buying store brands or shopping at alternative stores to save money.

Inflation is pushing families to deplete their savings to survive. More than 35% of Americans have spent savings on petrol and food, according to a research.

Our elected officials remain glib. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Michigan, scoffs at middle-class plights while talking about her new electric vehicle.

Biden said in a May 23 press conference, "When it comes to gas costs, we're going through an incredible shift. God willing, when it's over, we'll be stronger and less dependant on fossil fuels." Pain is purposeful.

If home ownership is your American Dream, be disappointed. Housing prices are at a 30-year high and mortgage rates are 1.75 points higher than at the start of the year. Market volatility causes an economic slowdown, which worsens a supply shortfall.

The American Dream is about upward mobility and bettering your life. In Biden's America, this is becoming impossible, and if you have kids, your chances are gloomy.

Despite seeing supply-chain issues before taking office, the Biden administration did nothing about the baby formula shortfall. Instead, they shut down one of the only domestic suppliers of baby formula without a backup plan.

Parents hurried to feed their babies, leaving millions of store shelves empty. A baby-hating regime remained uninformed about the national problem for months until public outrage became too loud. Parents of young children had to drive hours to find infant formula amid $5.00+ petrol rates or pay ridiculous Amazon Canada delivery costs.

These economic and supply issues exacerbate the impression that Americans are oppressed. The struggle to purchase basic essentials has even the most optimistic individual struggling to locate a silver lining.

Gallup found that 87% of Americans are unhappy with the country's direction. Among Democrats, satisfaction has plummeted to 24% from 46% three months ago.

This feeling is reasonable when Americans endure constant intellectual and physical attacks. We can't escape lousy schools and crime-ridden neighborhoods.

While the wealthy and politically connected can send their children to private schools and legacy institutions, regular families must submit their children's minds to government schools. If parents raise curriculum issues, the feds may treat them as domestic terrorists.

Crime, too. Politicians and rich elites can afford gated neighborhoods and private protection while the American public faces record-breaking homicides, carjackings, and other violent crime. Democrats don't want to restore law and order; they want to toss us to the wolves.

What message is sent when a New York City bodega owner and a California liquor shop owner must rely on themselves for safety from violent thugs? We're at the mercy of elites who put their interests ahead of the people they represent.

Biden is as likely to help American families as to forgo his nap. His policies and language show he's a Democratic Party sponge who soaks up radical demands and nanny-state programs before drowning Americans in chronic lethargy and depression.

In a 2019 Democrat debate, Biden said, “The middle class is getting killed. The middle class is getting crushed. And the working class has no way up as a consequence of that.” Now that he's president, Biden is destroying the middle class.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on THE FEDERALIST.

Written by Staff Reports

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