No Need to Worry, Say Mumbai Doctors; 95% of Covid Cases Are Symptom-Free

In spite of the fact that we are not permitted to proclaim "COVID over," this is what medical professionals say. In recent weeks, there has been a more than fourfold increase in the caseload in Mumbai. It rose from three hundred dollars per month to approximately four hundred dollars per week. Despite the rise in fatalities, The Times of India reports that there was nevertheless one person who passed away in Gondhia.

According to Dr. Pradeep Awate, the findings from genome sequencing have demonstrated that there are no newly discovered variations currently in circulation. India is home to only the sub-lineages descended from Omicron.

In spite of the fact that the city has a 1% positive rate, there is no nationwide testing scheme in place like there is in China. Given that 95 percent of people who have came back positive for the disease do not exhibit any symptoms, it is feasible that Mumbai's infection rate is higher than 1 percent.

It's not like India's history has been a bed of roses. The death rate in India is the third highest in the world, which places it behind only Brazil and the United States of America. India is the largest country in the world. It would appear that a first-world country's medical system is not as reliable a predictor of COVID survival as factors such as low obesity rates, sunshine, and a younger population.

There has been no announcement from the authorities regarding a curfew in Mumbai.

China will continue to serve as the primary financial, commercial, and shipping hub for the Communist Country as long as the COVID virus is not "eradicated."

According to a story that was published by EFE on Friday, the authorities in Shanghai have said that their "war against Covid-19" has hit a critical phase in the effort to eliminate infections within residential neighborhoods.

The lockdown that has been imposed on Shanghai has already entered its second month. Some of the people are trying to get away from the lockdown by fleeing the area and jumping off of high-rise balconies.

How many people are confirmed to have been killed in the recent outbreak in Shanghai? Eleven. According to the most recent government figures, exactly the same percentage of infected people exhibit each and every symptom.

The COVID vaccines developed in China and India both fared less well than their Western counterparts.

While there are only a few fatalities in Mumbai and Shanghai respectively, there are a significant number of sick persons in both cities.


The residents of Mumbai are going about their business as usual, whereas Shanghai is being kept back. This results in even greater interruptions to the supply chain, which in turn has a significant negative impact on the Chinese economy.

Why is there such a significant gap between the two numbers?

If I had to guess, I would say that the government of India is capable of being freely elected and at least largely responsive to the concerns of voter. The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, did not risk his reputation or that of his country by attempting to beat the COVID virus using the "Indian way." This would have been the most effective strategy.

Xi Jinping is the only person in charge in China's communist government. He is not accountable to anyone, but he did bet his reputation as well as that of his country on a one-of-a-kind "Chinese way," which was the successful elimination of the COVID virus in its entirety.

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