The Department of Justice’s Corruption Is Revealed: They Stole Trump’s Confidential Papers

The raid that the FBI conducted at Mar-a-Largo is going to dominate the conversation in the liberal media for the foreseeable future. That is true for a number of different reasons. To begin, this is an ongoing effort on the part of the left to smear President Trump and dissuade Americans from supporting either him or the Republican Party. The second point is that the media would like you to disregard the reality that Democrats have just enacted a poisonous, pro-socialist measure that would raise taxes and cause inflation to rise.

The left is currently asserting that President Trump "broke the law" by keeping records from his government in his own possession. After leaving office, each president has taken certain presidential records with them. No search warrant was required for President Obama to remove more than 30 million pages from the White House. In point of fact, Trump possessed the authority to declassify whatever he removed from the White House, rendering the entire argument made by the left moot.

However, there is more going on here than first appears to be the case. The left will never give up in their maniacal search to discover something they can use as evidence against Trump. And by exploiting the pretense of this raid, they grabbed documents that were only supposed to be accessible to Trump's legal team.

During the raid that took place on the home of former President Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, on Monday of this week, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is said to have taken documents that contained confidential attorney-client conversations…

It would appear that the Department of Justice is opposed to the appointment of a "special master," which is a judicial official who would carry out an independent investigation and make a decision which materials could be given over to the government and which materials would have to be brought back to Trump and his attorneys…

During its raid of the Mar-a-Lago property of the former president of the United States, the FBI was able to confiscate boxes that included records that were protected by attorney-client privilege and maybe presidential privilege…

Fox News was told on Saturday by sources familiar with the investigation that the legal team for the former president was informed that the boxes labeled A-14, A-26, A-43, A-13, and A-33, as well as a set of documents, contained information that was protected by attorney-client privilege. All of these items were seen on the final page of the FBI's property receipt. [Source: Breitbart]

The fact that the liberal elite has never respected or acknowledged Donald Trump as a genuine president is demonstrated by this raid. There has never been any previous president who has been dealt with in such a terrible and dishonest manner by the Department of Justice or the FBI. They were aware that the documents he had taken had been made public. His group even worked closely with the FBI for a number of months; in fact, the FBI requested that they install an additional lock on the door to the storage room.

However, it is abundantly evident that this raid was only a front for Biden's corrupt DOJ to get its hands on papers that they did not have the legal right to access. Documents that are shielded from public view by the attorney-client privilege and can only be viewed by Trump's legal team.

We are aware that the prosecution that New York Attorney General Letitia James is bringing against Trump will not succeed. She cannot provide any evidence to support the allegations that she has made against him or his company. It is probable that Democrats working within the Department of Justice took advantage of this raid to locate anything, even the smallest piece of information, that could assist them in their attacks against the 45th president.

Because the Department of Justice is now so tainted with corruption, they don't even want an independent court authority to look over the confiscated records to make sure that Trump gets his legally protected docs back.

You would assume that if this DOJ was acting legally, they would have no issue with this arrangement, but that is not the case. But this sorry excuse for a law enforcement organization has become so entangled in politics that nothing they do has anything to do with the actual execution of the law. They are solely concerned with locating a strategy that will prevent Trump from running for office again.

They don't give a damn if the egregious abuses of law and justice they commit are carried out in broad daylight, in full front of everyone.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on National Insiders.

Written by Staff Reports

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