Trump Thrills The Crowd In Arizona

Trump's capacity to rouse a crowd is unequaled by any politician today. His ability to trash liberal society and the Biden regime while lauding his own programs is always amusing and educational.

Trump addressed a rally in Prescott Valley, Arizona, on Friday night to support Kari Lake and Blake Masters.
Trump questioned President Joe Biden's handling of the U.S. economy and the American departure from Afghanistan.

He acknowledged the Jan. 6 investigation's improper witch hunt techniques. Trump underlined the committee's overarching goal, which is evident at this point: prevent Trump from ever running for public office again.

The Former President also criticized Cassidy Hutchinson's allegation that Trump threw food and assaulted secret service members. He accomplished so in an interesting and amusing way, indicating he's needed in government.
After the Arizona rally, Trump went to Florida to speak at a TPUSA event with Gov. Ron DeSantis.

This policy-focused address focused on America's decline under the Biden administration.

Trump told college-aged conservatives he would instantly repeal every COVID mandate imposed by the Biden administration, even on the U.S. military. If re-elected, he promised to reinstate every discharged unvaccinated soldier.

Farmers and America's agriculture sectors were also mentioned amid harsh 'climate change' laws from the present administration.

Joe Biden's proxy war in Ukraine, fought with taxpayer cash during record-high inflation, is unpopular with most Americans.

The Former President shared a stunning anecdote regarding his approach to NATO, saying he pledged never to defend countries from Russia given their propensity to abandon its alliance.
Trump is a brilliant public speaker who can diagnose America's faults in one hour.

Written by Staff Reports

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