Soros Spends Million$ to “Fortify” Democracy, Bias Detector Explodes!

If you think that billionaire George Soros and his empire are trying to leverage boatloads of cash to steer American politics, you’re quickly labelled as a conspiracy theorist with a vivid imagination. Yet, when a mouthpiece for Soros’ Open Society Foundations insists that they’re shelling out big bucks for “nonpartisan” reasons, the media gulps it down like a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day.

George’s son, Alex Soros, is now at the helm of Open Society Foundations and has pledged a cool $50 million to boost the involvement of women and young people in American democracy. This move, according to a recent Associated Press article, is part of their strategy to fortify democracy in the good ol’ U.S. of A. A statement attributed to Alex Soros mentioned that during the early days of the Trump administration, philanthropic support for leftist causes soared, but groups focused on engaging women and young people didn’t receive the same level of backing.

The AP piece also showcases Soros’ claim that encouraging advocacy from women and younger generations is key to halting the rise of authoritarianism. But hold onto your hats, because according to the AP, the new funding isn’t meant to sway the 2024 presidential election. It’s all super “nonpartisan,” they say with a straight face. They want these groups to shape the agenda for any administration and be ready for any potential resistance. How noble!

But wait, here comes the punchline. The AP article lists some of the groups benefiting from this windfall. Drumroll, please: Planned Parenthood, the National Women’s Law Center, the Alliance for Youth Action, Run for Something, and Power Rising (which is part of the Black Women’s Leadership Collective). And hey, the article notes that Open Society Foundations seek to meddle in a “wide range of issues,” including (can you believe it?) reproductive justice, climate change, voting, and gun safety.

Does anyone else smell partisanship in the air? Because I sure do. But the cherry on top is the mention of prior financial commitments from Soros, like $220 million for black-led organizations, $100 million for Latino groups, and $52.6 million for organizations in Indigenous and Asian communities. That’s one huge pie, and it’s definitely not being divvied up in a nonpartisan mindset.

The article went on to quote Shawnda Chapman from the Ms. Foundation for Women, who is asking for more financial support for certain groups. And it didn’t stop there. The president and CEO of the Ms. Foundation, Teresa Younger, got in on the action, too.

Now, all this jibber-jabber about “nonpartisan” funding is rich, considering Soros’ track record of funneling cash into progressive causes and attempting to shake up the U.S. legal system by electing prosecutors who refuse to prosecute anyone not named Donald Trump. And while a few of these prosecutors have seen the door, either due to voters ousting them or governors giving them the boot, it’s a joke to call this kind of cash distribution “nonpartisan.”

It’s a funny thing, this so-called ‘journalism’ – spoon-feeding us as if we couldn’t see the partisan stench seeping through. But hey, maybe the laugh’s on us, and the joke’s on Soros and his Open Society Foundations. Let’s hope so, because the alternative is just plain sad.

Written by Staff Reports

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