Axios Poll Shows Broad Support for Mass Deportations Among Americans

The establishment media site Axios grudgingly revealed that most Americans are in favor of mass deportations of illegal migrants, a sentiment that is causing some surprise among the political elites. The survey conducted by The Harris Poll via Axios Vibes disclosed that a significant portion of Democrats, Latinos, and African Americans also support mass deportations, tying into the rising support for President Donald Trump.

The article noted the deportation of an Afghan rapist by the Trump administration only to be brought back to the United States under President Joe Biden’s extensive resettlement effort out of Afghanistan. This news highlights the potential dangers of unchecked illegal immigration and the importance of mass deportations.

Axios, however, did not disclose the full poll numbers, leaving the precise percentage of Americans opposing Trump-style mass deportations a mystery. Mark Penn, chairman of The Harris Poll, and a former pollster for President Bill Clinton, expressed his astonishment at the level of public support for large-scale deportations.

The public outcry for mass deportations coincides with concerns surrounding illegal immigration, including increased crime rates, drug and violence, additional taxpayer costs, terrorism, and national security risks. The Axios article omitted the economic repercussions of migration on wages, rent, housing prices, and corporate investment.

The establishment media outlet attempted to downplay the public’s support for legal migration. In reality, many polls show that Americans favor stricter immigration policies. A substantial majority believes the U.S. would benefit from implementing limitations on migration at the southern border, while a majority feels that immigration under President Joe Biden is making life harder for all Americans.

The report’s findings infuriated Todd Schulte, the president of Mark Zuckerberg’s lobby group, who criticized the lack of transparency in the polling and accused Axios of misleading its readers. On the other hand, conservative leaders like Rep. Chip Roy and Christina Pushaw echoed the sentiment expressed in the survey, affirming that border and immigration policies must be strengthened to address the detrimental impact of illegal immigration.

In conclusion, the widespread support for mass deportations among Americans as revealed by the Axios poll illustrates the disconnect between the political elites and the concerns of ordinary citizens. This revelation adds to the mounting evidence that a significant portion of Americans are keen on stricter immigration enforcement and underscores the necessity for more stringent immigration policies.

Written by Staff Reports

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