Biden Accused of Implementing China-style Social Credit System in the US

In a shocking move that has sparked outrage among conservatives, Joe Biden has been accused of introducing a system similar to China’s social credit score in the United States. This system, which is used by China to control its citizens, rates individuals based on their adherence to the rules of the communist party. This rating then determines their access to various services and benefits, with lower scores resulting in fewer freedoms.

Moreover, the system allows for the participation of others to rate individuals, leading to consequences such as restricted travel, limited access to education, and even the throttling of internet access for those with low scores. In addition, individuals can be penalized for engaging in behavior that is deemed undesirable by the government, such as purchasing certain items or expressing certain beliefs.

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan has raised alarm over Biden’s alleged implementation of a similar system in the United States. According to Jordan, banks and financial institutions are being required to monitor and report individuals who engage in activities related to free speech and the Second Amendment. This includes purchases linked to certain political and religious affiliations, as well as firearms-related transactions.

Jordan has expressed concern over this surveillance, arguing that it infringes on Americans’ privacy and civil liberties. He contends that the government is building profiles of individuals based on their political beliefs, which he deems unconstitutional and un-American. Given the potential implications for personal freedom and privacy, the allegations against Biden have sparked significant concern and condemnation among conservatives.

These developments have led to speculation about the future of American elections and the preservation of fundamental American values. Former U.S. national security advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has issued a warning about the potential impact of the 2024 election, emphasizing its critical importance for the future of the country.

In light of these developments, voices such as Gen. Flynn’s emphasize the significance of the upcoming election in safeguarding American values against perceived threats. As concerns grow over potential infringements on personal freedom and the sanctity of American elections, conservative voices are rallying to push back against what they see as an encroachment on their rights and values.

This issue has become increasingly urgent for many conservatives, who view it as a pivotal moment for the future of America’s democratic principles and traditional values. As the debate intensifies, efforts to resist what is perceived as a threat to American liberties and democratic processes are gaining momentum among conservative voices.

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