Biden Admin Chaos: Border Blunders & Abortion Dodge!

Have you heard about the latest shenanigans coming out of the White House? It’s almost like they’re competing to see who can be the most insulting and dismissive about two hot-button issues that deeply impact our country. Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House Press Secretary, is making a name for herself with her snarky and unbelievable responses to important questions.

Let’s start with the border crisis. When asked how bad things would need to get for President Biden to make a return trip down to the border, Jean-Pierre arrogantly claimed that he’s already been there and “saw exactly what goes on at the border.” Give us a break! The truth is, Biden was practically dragged to the border under immense pressure, and the whole area was cleaned up so much that he didn’t even see a single migrant during his brief visit. And guess what? Since that visit, millions of illegal crossings have occurred, including a record-breaking 300,000 in December alone. This administration can’t even release the official numbers on time, but we all know they’re off-the-charts disastrous.

And don’t even get us started on Vice President Harris, who seems to be more interested in dodging responsibility for the border crisis and blaming Congress instead of acknowledging the catastrophic mess that her team has created. Let’s not forget that when Biden and Harris took office, they were too busy pushing through spending bills that have led to sky-high inflation, rather than prioritizing immigration reform. It’s a shame that they’re pointing fingers at Congress when it was Biden’s unilateral reversal of successful border policies implemented by President Trump that caused this chaos in the first place.

But wait, there’s more! Let’s move on to the topic of abortion, which the Democrats plan to exploit shamelessly for political gain. When pressed about how many weeks into a pregnancy President Biden thinks abortion should be illegal, Jean-Pierre dodged the question and deflected to Roe v. Wade. The reality is that Biden and the Democrats support the horrific idea of legalized abortion-on-demand, at any stage of pregnancy, paid for by taxpayers. It’s a ghastly and extreme position, and they oppose any restrictions whatsoever on abortion. They are experts at avoiding the truth about their radical stance, all while demonizing Republicans with misleading claims about banning all abortions.

In conclusion, it’s disheartening to see the Biden administration play political games with such crucial issues. From the border crisis to their extreme abortion stance, they’ve shown a pattern of deceit and deflection. It’s up to the American people to see through their charade and demand accountability from our elected leaders. After all, it’s our country on the line.

Written by Staff Reports

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