Biden Administration to Accelerate Deportation of High-Risk Migrants

The Biden administration revealed new plans on Thursday to speed up the process of deporting border migrants who are seen as safety risks, marking a departure from the previous administration’s policies. This move comes as President Biden aims to gain control of the border and address the massive influx of illegal immigrants.

Under the new plans, individuals seeking asylum could face earlier denials based on safety concerns, preventing them from prolonging their cases. The Department of Homeland Security acknowledged that the number of people affected by this change is small, but emphasized the potential impact on cases involving individuals who may pose a danger to the public.

Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stated that the proposed rule is a part of ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of the American public by swiftly identifying and removing individuals who present security risks and lack legal grounds to remain in the country.

This proposal, which is still in the initial stages and subject to a feedback period, represents one of the administration’s efforts to address the surging flow of illegal immigrants across the U.S.-Mexico border. The administration has observed unprecedented levels of illegal border crossings since Biden took office.

The asylum process has become a significant loophole in the immigration system, as it allows individuals to make claims of persecution after entering the country illegally. While many of these claims are expected to be unsuccessful, the adjudication process can take years, providing migrants with the opportunity to establish themselves in the United States.

The proposed change would permit officers to consider an applicant’s history of terrorism or major criminal activity when making asylum decisions, providing them with more flexibility and tools to implement consequences for illegal immigrants. The Department of Homeland Security estimated that a small percentage of cases this fiscal year could have been affected by the rules change.

This proposal represents a significant shift in the approach to border security and immigration policy, signaling the administration’s commitment to addressing safety concerns and controlling illegal immigration.

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