Biden Affirms Support for Israel, Discusses Antisemitism with Netanyahu Amid Tensions

President Joe Biden recently had a conversation with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as tension rises in the Middle East. The White House stated that Biden reinforced his support for Israel on Holocaust Remembrance Day and discussed taking action against antisemitism and hate-driven violence with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The President also updated the Prime Minister on ongoing efforts to secure a hostage deal and discussed the situation at the Kerem Shalom crossing, emphasizing his clear position on Rafah. However, pressure is mounting on Biden to address the conflict in Gaza as the 2024 election approaches, despite resistance from both Israel and Hamas to recent ceasefire proposals.

At the same time, CIA Director Bill Burns is traveling to the region to further engage in discussions concerning hostage and ceasefire negotiations. As Israel continues its military operations in Gaza, Netanyahu has stated his determination to stand alone if necessary and defend his country against external pressure.

Biden is expected to deliver televised remarks at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Days of Remembrance at the Capitol, underscoring the gravity of the situation. With Israel’s steadfast commitment to its own defense, the President’s actions and decisions in this matter will be closely monitored.

Written by Staff Reports

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