Biden Banks on Abortion Ballot Measures to Swing Key States in Election

President Joe Biden is facing a tough battle in the upcoming election against former President Donald Trump, especially in swing states. However, Biden is counting on the issue of abortion to help boost his chances in states where this topic is on the ballot alongside the presidential candidates.

In the Sunshine State, Florida, a ballot measure that would protect the right to abortion has been approved to appear on the November ballot. The Biden campaign sees this as a potential opportunity to sway voters in their favor, despite facing challenging polling numbers and a recent shift towards a more Republican-leaning state.

Similarly, in Arizona, a measure seeking to enshrine abortion in state law is likely to make the November ballot. Organizers are confident that this could cause trouble for Trump and Republicans in a state where the former president has had a lead in the polls, despite a narrow loss four years ago.

Nevada is also on track to potentially have a ballot measure enshrining abortion through viability, which could be a winning subject for Biden in a state where he has fallen behind Trump in some polls. Meanwhile, Nebraska’s 2nd District, which Biden won in 2020, could be influenced by ballot measures related to abortion, potentially affecting the Electoral College contest between the two candidates.

Overall, Biden is hoping that the issue of abortion on the ballot in these key states could help bridge the gap in polling numbers and secure important electoral votes. The president and his campaign are strategically leveraging this hot-button issue to turn the tide in their favor as November approaches.

Written by Staff Reports

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