Biden Blames Airlines, Dodges Own Air Travel Gaffes!

In a striking display of what many are labeling as hypocrisy and incompetence, President Joe Biden's official social media account recently chose to remind the American people of last year's airline chaos, conveniently omitting any acknowledgment of his administration's involvement in the debacle. The post emphasized Biden's call for airlines to provide free rebooking, meals, and hotel accommodations for stranded passengers during travel disruptions, conveniently overlooking the fact that his own Department of Transportation (DOT) had fined Southwest a staggering $140 million for its role in the 2,500 flight cancellations.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg also came under scrutiny for dismissing warnings about the crisis and introducing the DOT's "FlightRights.Gov" dashboard. Critics argue that this dashboard essentially acts as a government intervention, forcing airlines to bear the financial burden resulting from the Biden administration's mismanagement of the nation's civil aviation system.

The blame game doesn't end there. Both Biden and Buttigieg have consistently pointed fingers at airlines for air travel woes, sidestepping their own responsibility to oversee and manage the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The administration's decision to ground all flights due to a computer glitch, a move unprecedented since September 11, 2001, and its failure to anticipate a shortage of air traffic controllers, subsequently pushing airlines to cancel regular flights during the busy summer travel season, have drawn significant criticism.

Public response to the president's social media post has been robust, with many users rightfully highlighting the administration's mishandling of air travel crises, including allegations of special treatment for illegal immigrants at airports. Critics argue that while law-abiding American citizens face disruptions and chaos, undocumented immigrants are reportedly enjoying premium seating on aircraft and receiving preferential treatment.

In conclusion, critics contend that President Biden and his administration are too quick to assign blame to hardworking airlines for their own shortcomings and failures. Calls for accountability and demands for concrete solutions, rather than excuses, are growing louder. It remains to be seen how the administration will respond to these concerns and whether substantive actions will be taken to address the challenges facing the nation's air travel system.






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