Biden Blames Lack of Power, Experts Say He’s Shunning Duty

In a disappointing display of ignorance, President Joe Biden claimed on Tuesday that he lacks the power to address the ongoing crisis at the southern border. However, several former federal border and immigration enforcement officials have come forward to challenge this assertion. According to these experts, Biden does indeed have the power to fix the situation, if only he would reverse his misguided repeals of effective Trump Administration policies.

The former officials point to Biden’s hasty executive orders on his first day in office, which put an end to border wall construction and revoked previous deportation orders. Additionally, his Department of Homeland Security implemented a 100-day moratorium on deportations. These actions have had disastrous consequences, leading to a surge in illegal immigration and exacerbating the already dire situation at the border.

When asked by a reporter whether he had done everything he could with executive authority, Biden responded with a feeble plea for more power. This is nothing more than a weak attempt to deflect responsibility and avoid accountability. The truth is, Biden has the authority to turn the situation around by reinstating the successful border security policies of the Trump Administration.

Republican Sen. James Lankford, independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, and Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy are currently working on a funding bill that would include measures to enhance border security. While this is a step in the right direction, these former officials argue that Biden should not wait for Congress to act. He has the ability to take immediate action and restore order at the border.

Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott emphasized that Biden’s claim of powerlessness is simply untrue. He pointed out that every administration prior to Biden took steps to deter illegal entries and improve border security. Biden, on the other hand, has recklessly undone that progress with the stroke of a pen. If he had the audacity to destroy effective programs with executive orders, he should have the integrity to reinstate them in order to rectify the crisis.

Jon Feere, former ICE Chief of Staff, echoed Scott’s sentiment, stating that the Biden Administration’s disastrous policies have opened our borders and gutted immigration enforcement. If the White House truly wanted to put an end to the chaos, they would cancel Biden’s executive orders and reinstate the successful policies of the Trump Administration. It’s clear that Biden’s rhetoric about border security is nothing more than empty words.

One of the most effective programs that Biden could reimplement is the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy. This program would force certain migrants who cross the border illegally to await court proceedings in Mexico. National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd emphasized that Biden has the authority to revive this program, but he has chosen not to use it. This is a clear example of Biden’s failure to take decisive action within his executive authority.

Former Chief Patrol Agent Chris Clem suggested several other measures that Biden could implement, such as prompt asylum case review policies, increased detention space for ICE, and the reopening of border security contracts. All of these actions fall squarely within the executive branch’s authority, and if Biden were serious about addressing the crisis, he would have no problem implementing them.

In his quest to dismantle the Trump Administration’s achievements, Biden has not only destroyed the most secure border in our nation’s history but also created a significant national security vulnerability. Former acting ICE Director Tom Homan warned that Biden will ultimately suffer the consequences of his reckless actions. It is high time for Biden to take responsibility and use the power he has to fix the crisis at the southern border.

It is disappointing that Biden continues to evade accountability and pass the blame onto others. The record levels of illegal immigration under his leadership are a direct consequence of his misguided policies. It is clear that Biden must reverse course and reinstate the successful border security measures of the Trump Administration. Only then can we hope to regain control of our southern border and protect the safety and security of our nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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