Biden Ducks Reporters, Cozies Up to Celeb Pals Instead!

President Biden recently came under fire for his apparent aversion to hard-hitting press interviews, instead opting for more relaxed and friendly chats with celebrities. This time, before his posh fundraiser in Manhattan, he sat down for an interview on the Smartless podcast with none other than actor Jason Bateman, alongside the likes of Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, as well as co-hosts Will Arnett and Sean Hayes.

Critics were quick to point out the stark difference in Biden’s accessibility, with White House reporter Jennifer Haberkorn highlighting that Jason Bateman had nabbed two sit-down interviews with the president, while the majority of print reporters covering the White House had been left in the cold.

The president’s preference for celebrity interviews over interactions with the traditional press has not gone unnoticed, with a number of his journalist peers echoing their discontent on social media. This trend of cozying up to Hollywood personalities while seemingly snubbing the hardworking reporters who cover his every move has only added fuel to the fire of criticism.

It’s no secret that President Biden has earned a reputation for evading the White House press corps, often deferring to press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and maintaining a relatively low profile. This avoidance has become so glaring that even the Washington Post took aim at him, citing his scarcity in news conferences and major media interviews compared to his predecessors.

The White House’s deliberate outreach to social media influencers, TikTok stars, and other nontraditional figures, while neglecting the standard press outlets, has raised eyebrows and sparked further concerns about the administration’s communication methods. This alternative approach has deviated from the conventional interactions between the president and the media, feeding into the narrative that President Biden is more interested in basking in celebrity glow than facing tougher questions from seasoned journalists.

Written by Staff Reports

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