Biden Entrenches Deep-State Allies with Stealthy Swamp Shield!

Once upon a time in the world of federal government, a little-noticed rule was quietly put into action by the Biden administration. This rule was like a secret handshake among liberals, a whispered agreement to protect the deep-state swamp creatures at all costs.

You see, there’s a place called the Office of Personnel Management, and they’re in charge of all the folks working in the federal government. Last week, they finalized a rule meant to stop any future president from shaking up the army of bureaucrats who do all the boring stuff in federal agencies. The rule was a response to a plan from the Trump administration, which wanted to reclassify a bunch of federal employees to make them actually accountable to the president. But then Biden came in and said, “No way, José!”

The Biden crew didn’t like the idea of Trump getting his hands on the unaccountable bureaucracy. Instead, they wanted to keep it locked up tight, only answerable to a Democratic president. It makes firing incompetent or disobedient drones from the federal workforce nearly impossible, which is great for Democrats like Biden, but not so great for a Republican like Trump.

Heck, even Russ Vought, the ex-director of the Office of Management and Budget, thinks the new rule won’t stand in the way for long. He said, “This expected move by the Biden administration to forestall accountability within the bureaucracy against poor performers merely reinforces what we already knew — Schedule F rests on a sound legal foundation, is going to succeed spectacularly, and the only chance to stop it is to install procedural roadblocks.”

In other words, this whole rule is just a fancy way for Biden and his pals to admit that the executive branch agencies are only beholden to a Democratic president. But once Trump gets back in the Oval Office, you can bet that those bureaucrats are getting the boot, and we’ll finally get a government that does what the people voted for! Hooray for democracy!

Written by Staff Reports

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