Biden Family Saga: James Biden’s Congress Grill Fest!

It looks like the Biden family drama just keeps heating up! Now it’s Hunter Biden’s uncle and business associate, James Biden, who is being dragged into the spotlight. James Biden has been summoned to testify before Congress as part of the impeachment inquiry into his brother, President Joe Biden. This is like a family reunion turned political circus!

The House Oversight Committee announced that James Biden will face a “transcribed interview” on February 21, 2024. It’s interesting how they use fancy wording to make it sound official, but we all know it’s just another attempt to dig up dirt on the Biden family. They’ve been negotiating this testimony since November when James was slapped with a subpoena. Talk about a Thanksgiving dinner conversation!

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of James Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s business dealings. According to bank records and a business agreement from August 2017, James was part of the whole Chinese firm CEFC mess. CEFC apparently sent a whopping $3 million to a former Biden business associate, who then sent about $1 million of that to the Biden family accounts. Talk about a generous “thank you” gift!

But here’s the kicker: James Biden hadn’t actually done any work for CEFC. That’s right, folks – he was getting paid for doing absolutely nothing! It’s like he won the lottery without even buying a ticket. But hey, I guess it pays to have a famous last name.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! In August 2017, Hunter Biden received $400,000 from the Hudson West III joint venture, and he decided to spread the wealth to his dear old uncle. He sent James and his wife, Sara Biden, a cool $150,000. But wait, there’s more! The couple then transferred $50,000 into their personal account. It’s like a game of financial musical chairs – everyone’s passing money around like it’s Monopoly!

Now, let’s not forget about Sara Biden’s $40,000 check to Joe Biden. According to the bank records, it was for a “loan repayment.” But the White House insists it was just to pay back a loan. Well, I guess we’ll just have to take their word for it. Or not.

So, it seems like the Republicans in the House are really honing in on Joe Biden and his family’s lucrative foreign business dealings. They believe there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Joe’s involvement. And with James Biden receiving a hefty $200,000 check from a healthcare company, Americore, and promptly wiring it to Joe on the same day, the plot thickens. It’s like a money laundering telenovela!

Overall, it’s clear that the impeachment inquiry is turning into a full-on Biden family extravaganza. With Hunter Biden already facing federal tax charges and now James Biden set to testify, it’s like a reality TV show on Capitol Hill. But hey, at least it’s keeping us entertained while our government is stuck in a gridlock!

Written by Staff Reports

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