Biden in Hot Water: Could This be His Waterloo in New Hampshire?

President Joe Biden’s absence from the primary ballot in New Hampshire has opened up a potential opportunity for a new Democratic candidate to emerge as a frontrunner in the state. Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips wasted no time in announcing his candidacy and filing for the New Hampshire primary. While there is already a write-in effort for Biden underway, many in New Hampshire believe that Phillips has a real chance of winning. “I do like Rep. Phillips and believe he could win the [New Hampshire] Primary,” said New Hampshire state Rep. Steve Shurtleff, former Democratic speaker of the state House.

Biden’s decision not to participate in the state’s primary puts him at risk of losing New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation status. Phillips, who hails from Minnesota, cited concerns over Biden’s electability as his reason for challenging the president in 2024. The decision of the Biden campaign not to participate in the primary was based on conflicts with the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) rules, which have pushed back New Hampshire’s primary and Iowa’s caucus. The move has provided Phillips with a clear opening in the nominating contest.

According to a late September poll conducted by CNN and the University of New Hampshire, Biden currently leads former President Donald Trump in New Hampshire by double digits. However, only 31% of Democrats expressed enthusiasm about Biden’s reelection. This may explain why Phillips has decided to challenge the president, despite the Democratic Party’s traditional support for the incumbent. Phillips’ candidacy has received a mixed response within the Democratic Party, with some questioning his motivations for running against a “good, accomplished president” like Biden.

Overall, Phillips’ candidacy in New Hampshire’s primary adds an interesting twist to the 2024 election. With Biden absent from the ballot and a write-in effort for him already underway, it remains to be seen how the primary will unfold. New Hampshire Democrats are known for their independent streak and willingness to consider diverse perspectives, so Phillips may have a genuine chance to make his mark in the state. Only time will tell if he can convince voters that it’s time for a new generation of American leaders to take the torch from President Biden.

Written by Staff Reports

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