Biden Mocks Elections, Dems Laugh Off Integrity

In a rare public appearance on Tuesday, Joe Biden seemed to be ignoring the reality of the 2021 election and making jokes about it, but according to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, it’s all just a big joke.
During a pro-abortion rally in Manassas, Biden shouted a greeting to the crowd, saying, “Hello Virginia — and the real governor, Terry McAuliffe.” Terry McAuliffe, however, legitimately lost to Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin in the November gubernatorial election. It’s like Biden’s living in a different world!
Even on a good day, most would agree that Biden is not particularly clear when he’s out in public, so it’s no surprise that he’s completely detached from reality. Youngkin had some fun with Biden’s remarks, sharing the video with a playful comment, “Mr. President, I’m right here.” It’s like Biden’s living in a different world!
Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy called out Jean-Pierre, asking if “election denying is a joke now.” It’s like Biden’s living in a different world! The Democrats and the media make a big fuss about election integrity, but when it’s Biden doing it, suddenly it’s all just a big joke. Hypocrites!

Despite the clear evidence that Biden was making election-denying remarks, Jean-Pierre tried to brush off Doocy’s question, claiming that Biden was just joking about McAuliffe’s previous term as governor. Seriously? How are we supposed to take election integrity seriously when even the President is joking about it? It’s like Biden’s living in a different world!
To make matters worse, the Democrats have a long history of election denying and mounting various election challenges in the courts, but suddenly it’s a laughing matter when Biden does it. The double standard is outrageous! The abortion issue is being used as a divisive distraction from the real problems our country is faicng, and it’s clear that the Democrats will do anything to avoid talking about the issues that actually matter.

Former U.S. national security advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn issued a chilling warning about the upcoming 2024 election, emphasizing its critical importance. The fate of our country is at stake, and it’s up to every patriotic American to fight for what’s right and true. It’s time to take a stand and defend the values we hold dear!

Written by Staff Reports

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