Biden Plays Robin Hood in Reverse – Taxpayers Foot Bridge Fiasco Bill!

In a stunning speech from the White House, President Joe “Robin Hood” Biden declared that the federal government will swoop in and foot the bill for the catastrophic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, caused by a negligent cargo ship. Unleashing a flurry of promises, Biden made it crystal clear that the money for the massive reconstruction would come from the cash coffers of hard-working Americans.

With a bold and audacious tone, Biden babbled about the essential role of the bridge in the Northeast Corridor and the urgent need to restore it to its former glory. He boasted about his transportation secretary’s presence on the scene and blabbered on about moving “heaven and earth” to fix the mess. It seems like he’s been watching too many superhero movies with all his talk of moving heaven and earth.

When grilled about holding the ship’s company accountable for their egregious blunder, Biden casually shrugged off the notion, claiming that seeking justice through the legal system would take too long. Instead, he cheerfully announced that the burden would fall on the shoulders of all good, law-abiding American taxpayers.

Imagine the nerve! Not only is Biden asking hard-working Americans to foot the bill for this catastrophe, but he’s also dismissing any notion of making the responsible party pay for their monumental blunder. It’s like a reverse Robin Hood situation, taking from the poor and giving to the rich ship company.

The nerve of Biden to unilaterally decide that the federal government will bear the full burden of rebuilding the bridge, while dismissing the idea of holding the negligent company accountable, is an insult to the American people. It’s just another classic example of the big government’s overreach, leaving Americans to pick up the tab for someone else’s colossal mess. When will the madness end?

Written by Staff Reports

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