Biden Praises Congress for Passing $95 Billion Security Bill, Aid Set for Ukraine and Allies

President Joe Biden expressed gratitude to Congress for passing a crucial national security bill and assured that aid would swiftly be dispatched to Ukraine. At the White House, Biden emphasized Ukraine’s capability to defeat Russia and highlighted the soldiers’ enthusiasm upon hearing about the bill’s passing.

Biden acknowledged the challenges faced during the bill’s journey through Congress but praised the unity displayed in its ultimate approval. The $95 billion bill, set to be signed by Biden, garnered bipartisan support and will allocate aid to Taiwan, Israel, Ukraine, and U.S. allies in the Indo-Pacific. The legislation also includes provisions requiring the Chinese parent company of TikTok to divest from the platform to maintain availability in the U.S.

The president stressed the urgency of the aid to Ukraine, particularly emphasizing the expedited shipment of equipment for defense purposes. He affirmed America’s unwavering support for Ukraine and its resolve in the face of Russian aggression.

Additionally, the bill allocates significant aid to Israel to bolster its defenses against threats, a commitment Biden characterized as unyielding. Furthermore, the legislation includes humanitarian assistance for Gaza, demonstrating America’s commitment to providing essential supplies in the region.

Biden expressed appreciation for bipartisan efforts in passing the bill, acknowledging the contributions of leaders from both parties. Despite criticizing Republicans for their opposition to a border security bill, Biden remained resolute in his determination to address immigration challenges, pledging to pursue the matter further.

The president emphasized America’s role in shaping global events and reaffirmed the country’s leadership as the world’s superpower and leading democracy. He concluded by stating that the bill’s passage exemplifies bipartisan consensus in support of American leadership on the global stage.

Written by Staff Reports

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