Biden Seeks Obama’s Guidance Amid Tight Race with Trump Raising Influence Questions

President Joe Biden has recently stated that he still seeks advice from former President Barack Obama. Biden shared this information during an interview with CNN. Some people believe that Obama may be more involved in running the Biden administration than just offering advice. This suggests that Obama is playing a significant role behind the scenes in Biden’s presidency.

It’s important for voters to be aware of the influence that Obama could be having on Biden’s decisions. With the upcoming presidential election looming, it seems like Biden is struggling to gain momentum against former President Donald Trump. The race appears to be tight according to polls, indicating a tough battle ahead for Biden.

During the interview, Biden mentioned that Obama urged him to keep doing what he is doing and emphasized the importance of organization. Obama’s involvement in Biden’s campaign goes beyond just offering advice – he has been actively participating in interviews, making statements, and even hosting fundraisers to support Biden’s reelection efforts.

The upcoming fundraiser event in Los Angeles featuring Biden and Obama, moderated by Jimmy Kimmel and attended by celebrities like George Clooney and Julia Roberts, highlights the close relationship between the two former presidents. If Obama’s involvement in Biden’s presidency continues to grow, it raises questions about whether Biden is truly leading the country or if Obama is exerting more influence behind the scenes.

Written by Staff Reports

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