Biden Sets Tough Terms for 2024 Debate, Trump Agrees Despite Criticism

In the latest twist involving the 2024 presidential election, the day has brought several surprising developments. Firstly, Joe Biden has finally agreed to debate Donald Trump after many challenges. Trump has accepted the debate despite stringent requirements from the Biden team, making it a whirlwind day of news.

Trump issued a challenge to Biden on his social media platform, Truth Social, suggesting a debate on Fox News with the date set for Wednesday, October 2nd and specific hosts. As of now, Biden has not directly responded to or accepted Trump’s invitation to debate. 


The Biden campaign presented a lengthy list of demands before accepting the debate, including removing the audience, moving up the date, and only accepting moderators from friendly left-wing networks, which has sparked criticism. Despite Trump’s acceptance of Biden’s terms for two debates, Biden’s team has deemed Trump’s offer as “playing games,” emphasizing the need for no more chaos or debates about debates.

Regarding Biden’s unusual demands, it remains unclear why he was allowed to set those terms and not any opponent. Historically, presidential candidates have followed the terms set by the Commission for Presidential Debates, but in this case, both candidates bypassed the commission.

It’s apparent that Biden’s demands were seen as “laughably transparent” and a way to minimize any possible chance of embarrassment, indicating his declining poll numbers and mental state. In contrast, Trump has shown clarity and has not shied away from debates, seizing every opportunity to confront Biden.

While it remains uncertain whether Biden will accept the offer for a debate on Fox News, his reluctance reflects poorly on him. At this point, Biden’s only advantage over Trump seems to be his self-sabotaging actions.

In a closing note, former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn raised the concern that an election might not even be held in 2024 if certain political forces have their way. The Western Journal is committed to opposing such potential threats, calling for support in order to continue fighting against corrupt elites and biased media. The upcoming 2024 election is deemed crucial, and they urge for unity to preserve the values and integrity of America.

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