Biden Trips Up! Botches ‘Beer Brewed Here’ Remark — White House Stumped!

President Joe Biden’s recent visit to a brewery in Wisconsin was marked by his usual incoherence and gaffes, but this time, nobody could blame it on the beer. As a teetotaler, Biden doesn’t drink alcohol due to the history of addiction in his family. However, his performance during the visit to Earth Rider Brewery was just Joe Biden being Joe Biden in 2024. The White House transcript of his remarks was almost incomprehensible, highlighting the difficulty of transcribing his speeches.

During his visit, Biden talked about his infrastructure spending sprees and how they were supposedly benefiting the American workers and products. He also mentioned the billions of dollars being spent to provide clean water and replace lead pipes in Wisconsin. However, in typical Biden fashion, his delivery was confusing and lacked clarity.

The White House transcriber had a challenging job trying to make sense out of Biden’s remarks. At one point, Biden referred to the beer brewed at the brewery but stumbled over his words. The transcript included “(inaudible) — (laughter)” to capture the moment accurately. This was just one of many instances where Biden’s clarity was questionable.

This incident is not an isolated occurrence. There have been several instances where Biden’s remarks had to be edited in the transcript to make them more coherent. It is concerning that an 81-year-old man, who is campaigning for four more years in office, is experiencing cognitive decline. This should be a cause for concern for Americans because our enemies will not hesitate to take advantage of any weaknesses.

In conclusion, Biden’s visit to the brewery in Wisconsin was another example of his incoherence and lack of clarity in his speeches. The transcriber at the White House had a challenging job trying to make sense of his remarks. The cognitive decline displayed by Biden is a concern, especially considering he is seeking four more years in office. Americans need to pay attention to this issue, as our enemies certainly will.

Written by Staff Reports

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