Biden Waffles on Border Crisis He Fueled

In a recent interview with Univision, President Joe Biden was caught pondering if he has what it takes to pull the plug on the U.S.-Mexico border. How convenient that Biden is just now considering this, after months of chaos and crisis at the southern border that he has actively contributed to with his own policies. It seems like he’s more focused on evaluating his own powers rather than taking concrete action to secure the border.

It’s no surprise that Biden’s team suddenly lost their sense of urgency to tackle the border crisis when the cameras are off. Perhaps they’re too busy patting themselves on the back for their so-called “compassionate” approach to immigration that has resulted in record numbers of illegal crossings and overwhelmed border facilities. The fact that Biden is still stuck in the “examining” phase while thousands of migrants flood the border every day is truly mind-boggling.

It’s comical how Biden seems perplexed by the idea of Republicans wanting to hold his Homeland Security Secretary accountable for the border mess. The border has been a free-for-all for years, but Biden conveniently likes to blame everyone else for the current state of affairs. It’s as if he’s playing a never-ending game of hot potato, passing the blame onto others while failing to take responsibility for his own failures.

Instead of playing the blame game and dancing around the issue, Biden should be rolling up his sleeves and working to fix the crisis he helped create. But hey, why bother actually solving problems when you can just kick the can down the road and hope for the best, right? It’s clear that Biden’s administration is more interested in virtue signaling than actually governing effectively.

So, Mr. President, enough with the empty promises and indecisiveness. It’s time to show some real leadership and start prioritizing the safety and security of American citizens over political posturing. The border crisis is not a game, and it’s high time for Biden to step up to the plate and take decisive action before the situation spirals even further out of control.

Written by Staff Reports

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