Biden’s Bizarre Blunder: Claims Putin Losing “War in Iraq”!

In yet another embarrassing gaffe, President Joe Biden has once again shown his lack of knowledge and confusion on foreign policy matters. During a recent encounter with reporters outside the White House, Biden made the absurd claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “losing the war in Iraq.” It’s almost as if Biden is living in a parallel universe where facts don’t matter.

But let’s set the record straight. There is no war in Iraq. In case Biden hasn’t been paying attention, the United States withdrew its troops from Iraq years ago. It’s astonishing that the leader of the free world can’t even get basic facts right. Maybe he needs a refresher course on current events or a reliable teleprompter to guide him through these interactions.

This latest gaffe just adds to the long list of Biden’s embarrassing moments. Whether it’s forgetting what year it is or promising to conserve lands and waters by a deadline that has already passed, it’s clear that Biden’s grip on reality is slipping. And yet, he continues to deliver speeches on his so-called “Bidenomics” as if he has any understanding of how to revive our struggling economy.

It’s not just his lack of knowledge that’s concerning; it’s his inability to admit when he’s wrong. Despite the clear evidence of his mistake, Biden tries to brush it off by saying, “He’s losing the war at home and has become a bit of a pariah around the world.” Sorry, Mr. President, but that doesn’t change the fact that you got the country wrong. It’s time for Biden to take responsibility for his incompetence and stop making excuses.

The fact that Biden was carrying a notecard during this exchange is even more alarming. If he needs a cheat sheet just to remember basic facts, what does that say about his ability to make informed decisions on complex matters? It’s no wonder that his administration has been plagued with missteps and failures since day one.

As conservatives, we can’t help but shake our heads at the constant stream of blunders coming from the Biden White House. It’s clear that we need a leader who is knowledgeable, competent, and capable of representing our country on the world stage. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with Biden for now, and that’s a scary thought. Let’s just hope that the American people wake up to the reality of his incompetence before it’s too late.

Written by Staff Reports

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