Biden’s Border Charade Exposed: Photo Ops Over Policy?

Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre boldly asserted at a recent White House press conference that President Joe Biden places a high priority on border security. But let's examine this claim more closely. Jean Pierre responded unconvincingly to an inquiry regarding Vice President Biden's intentions to visit the southern border prior to the election by asserting that the President had, in fact, recently visited the frontier. Nevertheless, upon conducting an additional analysis, it becomes evident that Vice President Biden's January 2023 visit to the Texas-Mexico border was meticulously planned in order to conceal the brutal realities associated with unauthorized border crossings.

The President's sojourn in El Paso amounted to a contrived spectacle. Customs and Border Protection had expeditiously discharged all migrant detainees from the processing center he visited previously to his arrival. Illegal immigrants were conspicuously absent from detention, thereby presenting an inaccurate portrayal of the true state of affairs at the border. It is worth noting that he also made the decision to visit a port of entry, thereby avoiding the precise locations where unauthorized river crossings occur.

As the years progress into the present, detention facilities remain inundated with the overwhelming number of unauthorized immigrants who enter the country daily. A remarkable 85 percent of detained individuals are being released by the Department of Homeland Security, permitting them unrestricted entry and movement within the United States subsequent to their processing. This crisis is not showing any indication of abating.

The contrast between the ongoing anarchy at the frontier and President Biden's meticulously organized visit to the border could not be more pronounced. It is disconcerting to consider that a single night at the border wall in Texas could provide the average citizen with a more accurate understanding of the border crisis than the President has had throughout his entire career, encompassing his tenure in office. Immediate action and practical resolutions are required in this circumstance, not meticulously planned photo opportunities intended to preserve a meticulously constructed narrative.

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