Biden’s Border Crisis: Cartel Drones Swarm & Chinese Spies Invade!

Yet again, the southern border is facing a crisis under the leadership—or lack thereof—of Joe Biden. While we often hear about the hordes of illegal immigrants pouring into our country, new threats have emerged in the form of cartel drones. Air Force General Gregory M. Guillot revealed in a Senate hearing that these unmanned aircraft are making over 1,000 incursions into our airspace every month. 

The thought of cartel-controlled drones freely roaming our skies is indeed troubling. Who knows what kind of activities these drones are engaged in? Drug trafficking, surveillance, or worse, who knows? The fact that these drones are operated by criminal organizations like the Mexican cartels adds another layer of danger to the situation at the border. It’s like a real-life episode of a crime thriller, but with real consequences for our national security.

General Guillot also raised concerns about the influx of Chinese nationals entering the country through the southern border. The concentration of Chinese migrants in specific border areas has raised suspicions of potential espionage and intelligence threats. With the Chinese Communist Party’s track record of espionage and intellectual property theft, we can’t afford to turn a blind eye to this issue.

The Biden administration’s mishandling of the border crisis is beyond belief. Their incompetence has not only led to a surge in illegal immigration but also opened the door for criminal organizations and foreign adversaries to exploit our weaknesses. It’s a true testament to their failure to uphold our national security interests. Hopefully, the American people will remember this when it comes time to vote in 2024.


Written by Staff Reports

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