Biden’s China Adviser Out After Balloon Flop: REPORT

With the growing tensions between the United States and China, the National Security Council of the Biden administration is currently in the midst of alterations. Laura Rosenberger, who has been serving as a special counselor to the president and senior director on matters related to China and Taiwan since the beginning of the administration, will be resigning from her position in March. She has played a crucial role in advising the president on navigating the growing tensions with Beijing. Despite the recent incident involving the shooting down of a Chinese spy balloon in American coastal waters on February 4, Rosenberger will remain in her role until the end of her term.

It has been confirmed by the White House that Sarah Beran, who previously held the position of director for the State Department’s Office of Chinese and Mongolian Affairs, will be taking over from Rosenberger. As for the NSC’s China director, Rush Doshi, he will serve as Beran’s deputy. Additionally, Eric Green, the NSC’s senior director for Russia and Central Asia, will be leaving his role.

According to officials from the White House, Rosenberger has been instrumental in strengthening the United States’ informal connections with the autonomous nation of Taiwan. As stated by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, she has played a vital role in advancing a free and open Indo-Pacific since the beginning of the Biden administration.

The present time sees the United States grappling with heightened pressure from China, which has necessitated a reshuffle of personnel owing to the security implications of the Chinese spy balloon episode. This occurrence has led to bipartisan worry within Congress about the possible security ramifications, prompting the need for changes.

The Biden administration is committed to out-competing China and ensuring a safe and secure Indo-Pacific region. The changes in personnel are part of this effort and will help to ensure that the U.S. is adequately prepared for any future challenges posed by China.

The National Security Council is responsible for advising the president on foreign affairs and national security issues, and these changes are necessary to ensure that the U.S. is well-equipped to handle any issues that may arise in the future. The White House is grateful for Rosenberger’s service and looks forward to seeing what Beran and Doshi can bring to the table in their new roles.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Daily Caller

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