Biden’s Dog Unleashed Chaos, Bites Secret Service in White House Rampage!

The White House Medical Unit has been working overtime thanks to the first family’s feisty German shepherd, Commander, who has apparently been on a biting spree against White House staff and Secret Service agents. The drama unfolded as Secret Service emails obtained by Judicial Watch revealed a series of aggressive incidents involving Commander, including a particularly alarming attack on an agent opening a patio door for first lady Jill Biden. The dog reportedly lunged at the agent, causing torn clothing and minor injuries.

In addition to this scary encounter, the emails detailed numerous other instances in which Commander showed aggression towards the White House and Secret Service personnel, leaving a trail of torn clothing and, in some cases, minor injuries. The incidents occurred at various White House residences as well as during family getaways to Camp David.

The alarming revelations have sparked outrage and concern from conservative watchdog groups and critics of the Biden administration. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton expressed shock at the Bidens’ apparent “reckless disregard for the safety of Secret Service and White House employees,” calling the situation “a special sort of craziness and corruption.” The calls for accountability and responsibility from the first family have grown louder as the extent of Commander’s behavior becomes more widely known.

In response to the public scrutiny, the Bidens have reportedly made the decision to relocate Commander to the care of trusted associates. However, the fallout from these shocking revelations continues to raise serious questions about the president and first lady’s handling of the situation. As the latest scandal unfolds, many are left wondering how such a dangerous situation was allowed to persist within the confines of the White House, and what measures will be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Written by Staff Reports

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