Biden’s Easter Fumble: Woke Proclamation Sparks Outrage

President Joe Biden stirred up quite the hornet’s nest with his latest proclamation celebrating “Transgender Day of Visibility.” This proclamation coincidentally coincided with Easter Sunday, sending shockwaves through conservative circles faster than a speeding bullet. House Speaker Mike Johnson wasted no time in expressing his outrage, calling the timing of the proclamation on Easter Sunday “outrageous.” Well, Mr. President, looks like your attempt to be woke backfired big time!

When confronted about this discrepancy by White House correspondent Owen Jensen, Biden displayed a shocking lack of self-awareness, claiming Speaker Johnson was “thoroughly uninformed.” Really, Joe? The evidence was right there in black and white, or should we say rainbow-colored with your proclamation plastered all over it!

Conservative voices wasted no time in calling out Biden on social media, with the likes of Stephen Miller and the House Judiciary GOP account pointing out the obvious contradiction. Even American music video director Robby Starbuck chimed in, labeling Biden as “insane, incompetent, evil, or maybe all 3.” Ouch, sounds like the truth hurts, Mr. President.

Despite the criticism, the White House attempted damage control, with spokesperson Andrew Bates defending Biden’s actions and claiming he did nothing to conflict with the “tenets of Easter.” Well, nice try, but we’re not buying it. Biden’s proclamation aimed to honor the “courage and contributions of transgender Americans,” but it seemed to have created more chaos than celebration.

In conclusion, President Biden’s attempt to virtue signal and appease the woke crowd backfired spectacularly. Maybe next time, he should stick to celebrating Easter for what it truly represents instead of muddying the waters with conflicting proclamations. Biden may claim to stand for justice, but actions speak louder than words, and this proclamation left many Americans scratching their heads in disbelief.

Written by Staff Reports

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