Biden’s Green Energy Blunder Exposed by GOP Senator in Climate Change Hearing

Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana exposed the incompetence of the Biden administration in combatting climate change at a Senate committee on appropriations hearing on Wednesday. During the hearing, Department of Energy Deputy Secretary David Turk testified about the 2024 budget request for the Department of Energy, which proposed an exorbitant 38% increase in green energy funding, while drastically cutting nuclear energy funding, and barely increasing fossil fuel energy funding. Kennedy grilled Turk on the exorbitant proposal, asking him to estimate how much it would cost to be carbon neutral by 2050, which Turk refused to answer. When Kennedy pushed him further, Turk stumbled over his words and appeared speechless.

Senator Kennedy asked the simple question, “If we spend $50 trillion to achieve carbon neutrality in the United States by 2050, as the deputy secretary of energy, please estimate how much this will reduce global temperature.” The Deputy Secretary of Energy failed to answer that question and instead diverted attention to “climate benefits.” Kennedy persisted, asking the same question multiple times, only to receive a non-answer response. “You can’t tell me how much it’s going to lower world temperatures? Or you won’t tell me, you know but you won’t?” Kennedy inquired, exposing Turk’s lack of knowledge about the issue.

Turk’s incompetence and lack of critical thinking are showcased through his inability to provide any sort of tangible answer to Kennedy’s questioning. The Department of Energy is requesting a staggering $51.99 billion for climate purposes. This is a prime example of the left’s abuse of taxpayer money to throw at their green energy agenda, without any sort of calculated or measurable outcome. Senator Kennedy’s sharp questions of the Biden administration’s climate proposal reveal the unfortunate reality that a genuine plan to combat climate change is nonexistent in the left’s agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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