Biden’s Memory Fades; Resorts to Anti-Trump Antics to Distract!

President Joe Biden, who at 81 years old is really pushing the limits of what it means to be in the White House, seems to be forgetting his own agenda and opting to focus on bashing former President Donald Trump instead. The man’s memory seems to be fading faster than his presidency will be if he keeps this up!

In a desperate attempt to salvage his reputation (and maybe his reelection chances), Biden is trying to shift the media’s attention away from his numerous blunders and towards Trump’s supposed “crazy nonsense.” It’s like a magician trying to distract the audience with a flashy trick to cover up the fact that he just accidentally set his own hat on fire.

The fact that Biden is resorting to this tactic shows just how much trouble he’s in. His own campaign staff are now being strong-armed into joining the anti-Trump chorus, as if anyone could possibly forget that Biden’s the one currently in charge and responsible for the mess we’re in.

And let’s not even get started on his track record! From the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal to the skyrocketing inflation, Biden’s time in office has been a circus act without the entertainment value. It’s no wonder he’s desperate to change the subject.

Oh, but the plot thickens! There’s talk of the Democratic National Convention possibly booting Biden from the top spot on their ticket and replacing him with someone else. Hey, maybe they’ll resurrect Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, or roll the dice on Kamala Harris, who seems to be less popular than a skunk at a perfume convention.

The mere fact that they’re considering tossing Biden aside like yesterday’s leftovers just goes to show that even his own party realizes he’s a dud. It’s like watching a sinking ship desperately trying to patch up its holes with duct tape and hope that nobody notices. Well, too bad for Biden, because the American people are wide awake and seeing through his smoke and mirrors.

Written by Staff Reports

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