Biden’s Open Border Disaster Exposed: Record-Breaking Illegal Immigration Surges Despite His Reversed Policies!

In a heated exchange on Fox News, host Bret Baier left Principal Deputy Campaign Manager Quentin Fulks, a top aide to President Joe Biden, momentarily speechless as he adeptly highlighted the reversal of border policies under Biden's administration. Baier confronted Fulks regarding Biden's shifts on various immigration measures initially implemented by former President Donald Trump, leading to an uncomfortable moment for Fulks.

Baier, wearing a smug grin, pointed out the alarming statistic that over 300,000 illegal immigrants had entered the United States in December, setting a record for monthly crossings. It was evident that Biden's more lenient approach to immigration had resulted in significant challenges. Fulks attempted to deflect blame, citing Biden's efforts to present a comprehensive immigration reform package to Congress, only to face refusal and inaction. Baier dismissed this as "typical liberal nonsense."

Refusing to let Fulks off the hook, Baier listed Biden's direct reversals on crucial border policies, including the "remain in Mexico" policy and the shift from "catch and release." Baier emphasized the impact of these changes, highlighting the instability and surge in illegal immigration caused by Biden's evolving border strategies.

Despite Fulks attempting to defend the left by criticizing Trump's border security policies, Baier swiftly countered the argument. He pointed out that there were more children in custody under the Biden administration than during the Trump era, highlighting a stark contrast to Fulks' assertions.

The numbers painted a stark picture, with almost 380,000 encounters with illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border in just the first two months of fiscal year 2024. Baier continued to press Fulks, challenging him to acknowledge immigration as a vulnerability for the Biden campaign. Fulks, however, persisted in blaming Republicans in the House for hindering Biden's efforts and accused them of playing political games.

Baier did not let up, emphasizing that Biden's border policies were undeniably failing. The overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants was straining border patrol resources, and Baier called for accountability, pointing out that the images used to criticize Trump's policies were from the Obama years. He urged Biden and his administration to take responsibility for the current crisis and to implement effective measures to secure the nation's borders, asserting that national security depended on decisive action.

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