Biden’s Shocking Vaccine Push: Dr. Makary Exposes FDA’s Sketchy Approval Process

Some of the most prominent voices who criticized the blanket mandates and advocated for nuanced solutions were threatened, censored, and demonized. One of these is Dr. Marty Makari, who is a distinguished physician at Johns Hopkins. He recently appeared on a right-wing radio show to discuss the new COVID vaccination, which was approved by the FDA.

Dr. Makary claims that the vaccine was approved despite having insufficient evidence to support its efficacy. Pfizer only submitted data on ten mice, while Moderna tested the vaccine on 50 individuals. The latter company refused to provide additional details about its clinical trials, including the one instance that led to medical attention.

The Biden administration is now pushing for the new COVID vaccine to be given to everyone, even those who have already been infected with the virus. They don’t even care about the safety of vaccines. They want everybody to get the new vaccine, and they bought more doses for kids than they did for the previous ones.

In an op-ed published in the New York Post, Dr. Makary questioned the efficacy and safety of the vaccine. He also asked important questions about the drug's safety and why the manufacturer would not release information about the complications that affected one in 50 individuals.

According to Dr. Makary, the CDC and FDA have turned into marketing departments for Moderna and Pfizer, as they promote and market vaccines without providing any proof to back up their claims. Regulators in other countries, on the other hand, are laughing at us because they follow the recommendations of our bureaucrats.

The American medical establishment is working to destroy the public's trust. They're trying to create a false narrative about the efficacy of vaccines by ignoring the lack of data and the fact that there is natural immunity. We will continue to question the motives of the medical community and demand transparency.

Written by Staff Reports

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