Biden’s Weakness Invites China to Meddle: Unearthed Report Shakes Foundation of Democracy!

The liberal media is at it again, spreading false and misleading information about China’s interference in the US elections. According to a declassified intelligence report, the Chinese Communist Party ramped up its election meddling efforts last year, all thanks to President Biden’s perceived weakness. 

The report, compiled by the National Intelligence Council and declassified by Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, points the finger at Chinese leadership for allegedly giving the green light to this interference campaign. It’s clear that Beijing is prepping for an even more aggressive meddling push in 2024, and it’s all because they think they can get away with it under the Biden administration.

The Chinese government apparently directed its “influence actors” to ramp up efforts to sway American public opinion and foreign policy in China’s favor since the last presidential election. They see their meddling as a response to the US supposedly promoting democracy at China’s expense. 

The report suggests that Beijing was given more leeway to operate during the midterm elections because they “did not expect the current administration to retaliate as severely as they feared in 2020.” 

The report claims that China’s aim was to portray the US democratic model as chaotic and ineffective, and they focused on highlighting social issues like abortion and gun control to further divide the American people. 

The Chinese government even targeted specific members of Congress to punish for their so-called “anti-China views” and to reward those they perceived as pro-China. 

What’s even more concerning is that China’s meddling didn’t stop at the midterms – they reportedly used online influencers, including those on TikTok, to push their agenda. And we all know about TikTok’s ties to Beijing. 

The report also suggests that China’s efforts are aimed at sowing distrust in the US democratic system, just like Russia did in 2016. It’s all part of their strategy to undermine our democracy and stoke social divisions. 

With the 2024 presidential election on the horizon, it’s clear that China won’t stop its meddling anytime soon. Both Biden and former President Donald Trump have pledged to stand up to Beijing, and it’s clear that China’s election interference is a bipartisan concern.


Written by Staff Reports

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