Breaking: FBI Probe Unearths Shocking Evidence Against Dem Mayor!

The investigation into New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell is heating up, along with the mounting costs associated with her alleged romantic involvement with a member of her security team. The FBI has been digging into Cantrell’s affairs (pun intended) and recently issued new subpoenas in connection with a federal grand jury looking into her. According to sources cited by, these subpoenas are shedding light on the extent of Cantrell’s relationship with New Orleans police officer Jeffrey Vappie.

The investigation has been fueled by allegations that Cantrell and Vappie spent a considerable amount of time together in a city-owned apartment, and that Vappie billed the city for his time during some of his visits. Yikes! But that’s not all. Cantrell is also facing scrutiny for her use of first-class travel, in violation of the city’s policy, and has had to reimburse $29,000 for her upgraded flights.

The state Ethics Board is also reportedly looking into her travel expenses. However, Cantrell has been quick to dismiss these claims of wrongdoing, attributing them to sexism and racism. She even texted a journalist, saying, “If I were a MAN you would NOT be texting me about this bulls***.” She claims that the investigations are driven by racial bias and that the expenses on her security detail were necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges faced by Black women. Well, things are certainly getting interesting down in the Big Easy. Let’s see how this all plays out!

Written by Staff Reports

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