California Dems Push Racial Preferences in Licensing, Risk 14th Amendment Breach

California Democrats trying to tweak the occupational licensing process should brush up on their history lessons instead of rewriting rules based on their misinterpretations of the state’s past. Despite California being a free state and banning slavery upon joining the nation in 1850, current lawmakers seem determined to inject identity politics into everything. Their latest move involves prioritizing black applicants for licenses under the guise of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

Assembly Bill 2862, introduced by Mike Gipson and co-sponsored by Juan Carrillo and Josh Lowenthal, pushes for expedited licensing for African American applicants, particularly those with enslaved ancestors. This race-based favoritism raises concerns about its constitutionality, potentially violating the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause. Imposing such racial classifications should have a strong governmental justification, but this bill seems more about virtue signaling than true equality.

Rather than picking winners based on race, a more effective approach to improving workforce entry would involve cutting unnecessary red tape and regulations. Republicans advocate for deregulation to smoothen processes and limit government interference, unlike California’s divisive tactics. Arizona’s Universal Recognition model offers a promising alternative, recognizing out-of-state licenses with minimal requirements, fostering mobility, and reducing barriers to employment.

True progress comes from merit-based opportunities and a level playing field, not from segregating individuals into racial categories. California’s push for unequal treatment under the guise of “equality” only fosters division and perpetuates identity politics. In a nation built on individual liberty and equal opportunity principles, meritocracy, not race, should drive occupational licensing and workforce accessibility.

Written by Staff Reports

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