Congressman RIPS ‘Digital Fentanyl’ App TikTok For Hiring Former U.S. Officials

On Sunday Morning Futures, Congressman Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin discussed various big news stories. One of these is TikTok, which he referred to as "digital fentanyl." He and Senator Marco Rubio wrote an op-ed about this earlier this month.

Today, Sean was on the program to talk about what Americans should be asking about the Chinese Communist Party's actions regarding the unauthorized access to their data.

It's so obvious that we're not doing enough to prevent this from happening. We've let the Trojans get away with it. We've let them give us a horse even though we know that the soldiers are in it.

According to Gallagher, the Chinese Communist Party has hired an army of swamp-dwellers to ensure that this doesn't happen. This is why, if you ask me, hearings and investigations should be held.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Elon Musk bought TWITTER, the tech companies are still considering banning it from their stores. They are also reportedly happy to let the Chinese Communist Party spy app remain on the market. In an op-ed published by the Washington Post, Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Gallagher talked about this issue.

TikTok, which is already a popular media company in the US, allows the Chinese Communist Party to monitor the activities of more than a billion users globally. We must stop this dangerous app from being used in the country, as President Biden is doing.

TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company. In China, companies are not truly private. In 2017, the country enacted a National Intelligence Law that requires businesses and citizens to participate in intelligence-gathering activities.

According to Forbes, ByteDance's directors and employees have ties to the Chinese Communist Party. LinkedIn profiles show that over 20 of the company's directors have previously worked for propaganda outlets operated by the Chinese Communist Party. Moreover, the company's editor-in-chief, who is also the secretary of its internal committee, said that the group would take the lead in developing the company's political direction.

One of TikTok's problems is its ownership by a Chinese company. Apart from being able to monitor its users' locations and internet-browsing activities, the app also collects other private information about them.

TikTok's ability to collect this kind of data is very disturbing, especially since it allows the Chinese Communist Party to monitor the activities of teenagers. With this app, Beijing can also collect sensitive information about US government employees and use it for espionage and blackmail.

TikTok denied this, but it's hard to believe that the company would allow its users' location data to be used for this kind of activity. Forbes also reported that ByteDance planned on using the app to monitor Americans' locations for other purposes.

Even though it can be very challenging to talk to your child about what's happening to them, American parents should still have this conversation with their kids.

Talk to your teen about this topic, as it will most likely leave them feeling stupid and isolated. They might also start to associate you with an old, conservative mindset. You might also worry that this will turn them against Republicans or cause them to start associating with stereotypes that are offensive to them.

Even though it's difficult to talk about this topic, parents should still encourage their kids to get rid of TikTok. They should also be taught about the real reasons behind the data collected by the company and how it can be used by the Chinese Communist Party.

It can be hard to talk about this topic, as kids might not believe that the risks involved with TikTok are real. But parents have to tell them to remove the app, as tech companies will not help if TikTok is still around.

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