Congressman Urges Cruz & DeSantis to Back Trump in 2024: Only He Can Save GOP!

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, a proud Republican, delivered a passionate speech at former President Donald Trump’s rally in Waco, Texas over the weekend. During his speech, Gaetz urged Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Ron DeSantis not to run for the presidential candidacy in 2024 and instead throw their support behind his idol Trump.

Gaetz pointed out that Trump played a crucial role in the success of Cruz and DeSantis. He said, “Only Donald Trump could have saved us from Hillary Clinton. Without Trump’s three rallies during the final week of the 2018 election in Florida, our governor today would likely be Andrew Gillum.” Gaetz then added, “And without Trump dragging Ted Cruz across the finish line, your senator would probably be beta-Beto.”

The Republican congressman urged both Cruz and DeSantis to endorse Trump, saying it was the only right thing to do as the two were delivered by the MAGA movement in their respective times of need. He emphasized the importance of sticking with Trump and not settling for “amateurs or impersonators or understudies.”

This speech comes amidst speculations that Governor DeSantis might run for President in 2024. However, the congressman’s opinion was clear that there is no better candidate than Trump. DeSantis has been visiting battleground states lately, and his meetings with voters are being seen as a clear indication of his willingness to run for president.

On the other hand, Sen. Cruz has stated that he is not interested in running against Trump in the primary. However, he has yet to announce his official endorsement for the former president. Matt Gaetz, a staunch ally of the former president, openly endorses Donald Trump for the candidacy in 2024.

It remains to be seen how much of an impact Gaetz’s statements will have in shaping the Republicans’ position in the upcoming presidential primaries. It’s important to note that it’s only the former president who has the ability to save the party from the ongoing Democrat onslaught. Therefore, it is critical that Republicans stand by and support President Trump now more than ever.

Written by Staff Reports

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