Cori Bush Fumbles Tax Code Talk: ‘I’m Not The Poor!’ – Gets Roasted

In a recent exchange with a Fox News reporter, Congresswoman Cori Bush (D-MO) found herself stumbling over her own words when confronted about the percentage of income paid by the working poor compared to the rich. The Missouri Democrat, a member of the progressive “Squad”, was attempting to defend her support for higher taxes on the wealthy when she was asked about the effective tax rate. The reporter pointed out that the tax rate on the poor is actually lower than on the rich, leaving Rep. Bush speechless and searching for an answer.

In her attempt to rationalize her position, Rep. Bush awkwardly stated, “If a third of my money is going to taxes, then I think a third of their money should be going to taxes,” referring to the ultra-wealthy. However, the reporter quickly responded with the fact that the rich already pay a higher effective tax rate. This left Rep. Bush visibly confused, as she stammered to respond.

What makes this exchange particularly telling is Rep. Bush’s own financial situation. Despite claiming to not be “the poor,” she earns a base salary of around $174,000 as a member of Congress, while the average income in her Missouri district is $51,529. This raises questions about her understanding of the financial struggles faced by the working class.

Rep. Bush has a history of making controversial statements and hiring questionable staff members. She has previously made outlandish claims about race, transgender individuals, and white supremacy, and has even hired a security guard with a history of anti-Semitic tirades. Her connection between abortion pills and serving as a “lifeline for trans folks” is another example of her extreme views.

Overall, Rep. Cori Bush’s inability to articulate a clear understanding of tax rates and her questionable statements raise concerns about her ability to effectively represent her constituents and make informed policy decisions. It is important for voters to critically assess the views and actions of their elected officials, as they have a significant impact on the direction of our country.

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