COVID Fear Clutchers Can’t Let Go – Time to Face Reality!

Admit it: At one point, the prospect of COVID-19 frightened you. It’s okay to say it, even if you’re a conservative. Despite pushing back against lockdowns and restrictions, even the most staunch conservatives had a moment or two where they didn’t dismiss it as just a “little cough.” But why wouldn’t they? The media bombarded us with terrifying death rate predictions and horror stories of nursing home populations being wiped out. And we can’t forget to thank former Governor Cuomo for contributing to the hysteria. We all put on masks, sanitized our groceries, and hoarded toilet paper like it was the apocalypse. And let’s not forget the collective obsession with binge-watching “Tiger King” while working from home.

Eventually, most of us realized we had to get on with our lives. By the end of 2022, CDC data revealed that a whopping 77.5 percent of Americans had antibodies indicative of at least one prior COVID-19 infection. Interestingly, only 54.9 percent of Americans thought they had actually had the disease, which suggests that for some, symptoms were minimal or even non-existent. Unlike some high-risk individuals, the author mistook their first COVID infection for allergies and overwork.

Now, while most of us have moved on, there are still those who seem perpetually stuck in April of 2020. Take Alyssa Edes, for instance. This “recovering journalist” who used to work at NPR affiliate WNYC is still clinging to her pandemic fears with an iron grip. Venting about a recent flight on her X profile, Edes expressed shock at the fact that very few people were wearing masks and even brought an air quality monitor onboard. She claimed, “The air quality on this flight is horrifying” and insisted that the CO2 levels on the plane were unhealthy.

However, it seems that Edes’ fears might have gone to new heights. Skepticism emerged over the accuracy of her CO2 monitor, with some users noting that the device wasn’t designed for use on an airplane. Instead of acknowledging the limitations of her gadget, Edes doubled down on her fear, even going so far as to dismiss an explanation that the readings could be affected by altitude. She even shared her relief that the air quality improved once the flight was airborne, despite the fact that it was completely normal for CO2 levels to be higher on the ground due to the filtration system being turned off.

Even though Edes hasn’t announced contracting COVID from the flight, her social media posts are filled with retweets of others who are still pushing for strict COVID measures. From advocating for mask mandates to criticizing potential changes in CDC guidelines, it’s clear that she’s not letting go of her pandemic fears any time soon.

It’s been four years since the pandemic began, and it seems that some individuals just can’t move on. But if this is the level of fear they insist on applying to life years into COVID, one can only wonder how much worse they believe death could possibly be. Clearly, some people are still clinging onto their pandemic fears like a child with a security blanket.

In the end, the prolonged pandemic fear is a clear example of overblown caution and unnecessary hysteria. As much of the population moves on and accepts the reality of living with COVID as an endemic disease, there will always be those who refuse to let go of their anxieties. But, let’s be honest, if this is the level of fear they insist on applying to life several years into COVID, one can only wonder how much worse they believe death could possibly be.

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And there you have it, folks! Another thrilling tale of pandemic paranoia and endless anxiety. Can we overcome the hysteria and embrace the reality of life with COVID, or will we continue down the path of perpetual panic? Only time will tell.

Written by Staff Reports

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